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Sensitivity Analyzer Runtime Version 1.0

Sensitivity Analyzer Runtime Version 1.0

Sensitivity Analyzer Runtime Version Publisher's Description

The Sensitivity Analyzer is a standalone application for upper management. It allows to easily analyze financial numbers and find quick answers for basic questions important on that level.



Play the Numbers

Establishing the Annual Operating Plan, Business Plan or Budget is normally a cumbersome process, the efforts required barely leave time to develop alternatives. With the 'Sensitivity Analyzer', you can easily play with the numbers, including changes in product mix and develop alternative 'Scenarios' before you decide which case you want to base your Annual Operating Plan on.



Know your ?Annual Operating Plan` (AOP)

For a successful manager it is essential to know the current Annual Operating Plan. ?Knowing` not in the sense of being able to repeat its numbers, but rather to have the feeling for the elements critical for success.


Every ?Annual Operating Plan` (AOP) has items where small deviations of only a few percent decide over success or failure. Other items can be off by tens of percentage points without having a real impact on the bottom line.


The ?Sensitivity Analyzer` allows you to determine the sensitive items in your AOP. These are the ones you want to monitor carefully during the year so you can react early if they start moving in the wrong direction. On the other hand you don`t waste your energies on AOP items that barely influence the outcome of the year.



Find the ?Points of no Return`

It is always good business practice to know, ahead of time, at what point you will start loosing money. Explore these ?Points of no Return` with the ?Sensitivity Analyzer` and then try to determine the probability of them happening.



'What-If' Scenarios

From Nothing comes Nothing. The 'Sensitivity Analyzer' allows you to quickly find answers for questions like "if I increase the expenses for Sales and Marketing, by what percentage do I have to increase the number of sold units to achieve the same result" or "if I lower the sales price of my products , by how much do I have to increase the number of sold units", etc.

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